Friday, February 17, 2017

A room with a view

We knew we wanted a window in either the slider or behind the driver but I wasn't sure which until I drove it around our hometown in what passes from traffic. It was then I realized the vastness of the blind spot on the passenger side. I decided after a faith filled lane merge that we were getting a window in the slider for safety.

I looked at the two most common options, CR Laurence and Motion Windows. I actually like the look of the Motion windows but the 6-8 week lead time turned me off.  I called my local van conversion guy to see what he had to offer. Turns out he is a CR Lawrence dealer and quoted me a better price than what I was seeing online and he could have it on site within a week so I went with that option. After thinking about it and reading a few blogs and forums on the installation, I decided that it was worth the $200 he would charge me to install the window. The window install being the only job that I really didn't feel confident doing, the risks of screwing up were just too high.

All tolled, the install was $750 and I am quite happy as I was expecting upwards of $900 installed. Plus the installer was happy to answer some additional questions about insulation and wiring and gave me a great tip on flooring. He suggested using garage roll out flooring instead of what I had planned, linoleum. A quick google search revealed that there are many options out there. American Floor Mats has several options and may cut to length. I also searched eBay for roll flooring and found many options but only in 4ft widths, which would mean a seam that I am trying to avoid.


  1. Hey, who is your "local van guy"? Is he in Bend? I want to get a window installed just like yours. Will he do the roof vent fan as well?

    1. Ian at The Van Guys. Yes, I he is in Bend and will do your vent and windows. He's super friendly and very helpful.

    2. Thanks, I will give them a call.